Integrative Neuroanatomy Research Group

Inhibition and GABAergic inhibitory nerve cells (‘interneurons’) play multiple central roles in information processing and storage in our brains. The primary research interest of our group is the function of the diverse interneuron types, and how these are determined by their anatomical and physiological properties in cortical circuits.

Interneuron diversity: superimposed images of four different interneuron types in the hippocampal CA1 area. Soma and dendrites are in black, axons color coded: basket cell axon in red, Schaffer collateral-associated cell axon in yellow, perforant path-associated cell axon in blue and oriens-lacunosum-moleculare (O-LM) interneuron axon in dark cyan. Note the layered distribution of the axons. (Based on Vida et al., 1998 and Martina et al., 2000.) 

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